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The appearance is bright silver in the bottle and faultlessly clear in the glass. Lovely medium-to-heavy (for tequila) body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass, with legs forming slowly.The first impression is of Alkali, pepper and tobacco notes mixing with hints of dried fruit, citrus notes and nuts. Volcanic soil gives a wonderful unique mineral scent that shines through. Not as fruity as some of the other blanco's I have reviewed - if I was to use a Scotch analogy this would be an Islay as opposed to a Highland or Speyside - a manly tequila. The taste is a great mouth feel, light entry, slightly oily or alkali slipperiness to it with a touch of vanilla bean, vegetable alkaloid type notes, sweet brine, touch of lemon grass with Provence herbs. Finish is at first oily then drying with sweet and alkali, minerals, nut butter, leather, apricots and tobacco. Light lingering finish.

This tequila really a bit too smooth to use anything calling for much fruit juice or frozen drinks. The Partida Blanco goes well with a natural or shade grown wrapper cigar or cigarillo Ashton, Fuente or Punch would be safe bets.


This tequila is produced in Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This is the Blanco (a.k.a. Plata or Silver) expression of this particular line. The others being Partida Reposado (Rested) and Partida Anejo (Old). The agave used for this tequila is grown entirely on their single estate in volcanic soil and allowed to reach the age of 10 years - a unusually long time for most tequila - allowing it to absorb and develop more flavor. It is then harvested and slow cooked for 20 hours in steel ovens and distilled twice.They use stainless steel stills so it has a brighter taste than some using copper stills. (I personally think there is reaction between the copper and the distillate which is good if not mandatory for whiskey, but not so good with tequila and certain other distillates). This version is then allowed to age for 6 months in bourbon barrels. It is then hand bottled on the estate.


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