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Russian Standard

Imperia Vodka


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It’s clearly a Russian, grain-based vodka, though not too strong at 80 proof. All that distilling and filtering leaves it with a very faint flavor. If you’re looking for an utterly neutral spirit to blend cocktails with, you’ve found it. Imperia is left with very little on its own, just a slight bitter-sweetness and a faint taste of almonds, followed by a mild rubbing alcohol finish. You could really sip this all day like water.

2006 Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition

If you aren’t familiar with Russian Standard’s Imperia vodka (it’s highest-end of three bottlings) due to its ubiquitous print advertising, you won’t miss the angular, hexagon-bottomed bottle. Imperia is a premium vodka made from winter wheat and distilled eight times along the way. It is later filtered four times, twice through Ural Mountain Range quartz crystals. All must be part of Dmitri Mendeleev’s original recipe, created for Czar Alexander III in 1894. Russian Standard says it uses the same recipe today.


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