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The rich, resinous quality of nuts cascades into a crisp toffee sweetness of crème brulée, merging with caressingly smooth, creamy vanilla. Hints of vibrant oranges & lemons are found. Crunchy textured walnuts follow, oozing into golden honeycomb that trickles over sun-ripened sticky dates. Then sparkling floral tones emerge, taking the edge off any cloying sweetness, with the green, almost herbal bouquet of geranium, tempered with musky jasmine and the bright, sharp clarity of narcissus. The palate displays a full, rounded flavour, starting with grapefruit and orange. The palate is then entranced with an accord of melting honey, creamy malt and aromatic florals that segue into the warm, syrupy nuttiness of hazelnuts and walnuts from the Oloroso sherry casks in which the whisky is matured. Savour the rich, sticky date and fig flavours as they are heightened by the unexpected caress of wood smoke. A prolonged finish and enticing with the subtle sweetness of dried fruit and the nutty dryness of sherry.

2010 Silver Medal International Wine and Spirits Competition

(Source: San Francisco World Spirits Competition -

Glenmorangie means "Glen of Tranquillity" in Gaelic. Illicit distilling here dates back to 1700's an inventory of goods, from a will recorded in 1640, provides the first direct evidence for the making of whisky in the Tain area. Matherson brothers founded the Glenmorangie Distillery in 1843; however rather than buy brand new stills, second-hand swan necked stills that had been used in a gin distillery were used. This is why the stills have narrow, arching swan necks. They are exactly 16 feet 10¼ inches tall (5.14 metres): making them the tallest stills in Scotland. During 1883 Mathersons rebuild the distillery and in 1887 the Glenmorangie Distillery Co Ltd was created
By the beginning of the 1920s, the Distillery was in production again with its full complement of Sixteen Men. The distillery was closed between 1931-36 Down turn in the market and during the Second World War (1940-45). Securing a water supply had always been a problem; the Tarlogie Springs belonged to the local Laird, who leased the right to draw water from the springs to the Distillery However, the Laird could use the land surrounding the springs for any purpose - a situation that could have jeopardised the quality or quantity of the water. In the 1980s, there was a threat of a building development near the springs, so Macdonald and Muir acted to make sure that the water would be safe by buying 650 acres of the land surrounding the Tarlogie Springs. and secure the distilleries future. 1980 Stills increased from 2-4
The Distillery continues to maintain the tradition of only employing Sixteen Men, who work around the clock, all year round, only stopping each year for Christmas and essential maintenance.


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