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The Dalmore

58 Year Old Selene (OUT OF STOCK)


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The nose is proud and majestic. Aromas of pure luxury immediately captivate your senses and take you to another World. A World of unashamed enchantment where it evokes emotion, sensitivity and fantasy. Close your eyes, relax and smell this aged icon. An enticing repertoire of heavenly scents engulf your nostrils. Citrus fruits of every description open this panorama of pleasure; orange, lime, grapefruit and mandarin with hints of bergamot are all there in great profusion. A loving bond, intensely interwoven for over a half a century opens up to you. Fragrances of thick plummy treacle, aged matusalem sherry, ginger and spice completes this effleurage of exhilaration.

"A marriage of two Dalmore casks filled on the same day in 1951, Selene has been bottled after nearly six decades of ageing in the darkest of the distillery's warehouses, and named after the Titan goddess of the moon. Just thirty decanters have been produced, each encased in a solid steel box inlaid with leather."

- Official Notes of The Dalmore

The colour is a honeyed golden amber with copper highlights. For 58 years these unique casks, these two beautiful nuggets of gold have remained buried deep in our darken warehouse - almost forgotten. Like two neglected orphans they have slept on, keeping each other company in their damp surroundings. Yet time and mother nature has been kind to them. The long years have nurtured their spirit, developed their character, moulded their magnificence. It has been a loving union and when crafted together they unleash a feast of desirable, unforgettable flavours. Holding this noble spirit long in mouth is the key to unlocking its many hidden secrets. Tangy thick cut marmalade, roasted coffee beans and spiced ground cinnamon chocolate cake with whispers of Cuban tobacco opens the first barrage of bounteous flavours. This is quickly followed by marinated plums, apricots and mangos soaked in Port wine and dark muscovado sugar. The warmth of the tongue will help to tease out the remaining gems – mocha, ground almonds, liquorice and tinges of morello cherries.

Total Heaven!

Casks 1781, a refill hogshead, filling vol 53 ¼ gals and 1782, a sherry hogshead, 56 ¾ gal were filled on the same day – 7th June 1951. Slumbering cocooned in the same warehouse for over 58 years each cask has forged a spirit of individual complexity.   Our master distiller has assessed the spirit and combined their aromas, flavours and finishes in a unique masterpiece.



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